About Us

Global Research Services (“GLOBAL”) is one of the world’s largest risk consulting firms providing clients research, information and legal support services.  GLOBAL offers services in extensive asset locate investigations, employment search and overall due diligence to assist clients in mitigating potential legal, financial and reputational risks. 

GLOBAL is dedicated as the Global Leader in the research and investigative fields with unsurpassed and proven results.

GLOBAL is comprised of former and active state and federal U.S. Agents, legal and real estate professionals who maintain the highest level of professionalism.

Our research is comprised by information through technology, investigative data, and research analytics. We assist clients in mitigating risk and locating people and assets for them to assist in protecting their investments.

We are committed to provide a customized cost effective, innovative solution to optimize the profitability of our clientele. Understanding the importance of reputation, compliance and accountability, is what we base our foundation in achieving the highest standard of ethical business practice.

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